What Happens If You Fill Up the Nintendo Switch’s Home Screen?

What’s up guys? Andre here with a pressing question for you. Have you ever wondered what happens if you completely fill up your Nintendo Switch’s home screen with games? No? Okay maybe it’s just me.

While making another video I realized just that I’ve done exactly that. I completely filled up my Switch with games. All twelve spots are actually filled up. So it got me wondering.

What happens if you add a thirteenth game to this? And I realized hey I can record that on video and we can find out what happens together. So we’re going to do exactly that. I’m going to go ahead and redownload being a thirteenth game being World of Goo. So I’ve already downloaded it before.

Um, and we’ll see what happens together and how the Switch copes with this. So we’re going to head into my download screen. Start downloading World of Goo and here we go. This is going to add our thirteenth slot.

Let’s see what happens. Once it appears here. It should appear here.

There we go. Let’s scroll on to the end and look. We can see Just Dance got bumped off in favor of a brand new icon saying all software. And it even looks like the same icon you can find in other operating systems. Makes itself look like Android.

So we click on that and it gives us a full list of all of our games laid out in a grid. Which is actually super handy. Like we don’t have to go through a list of games.

We’re going to scroll down to which ever one we want. Um and you can actually even just tap it on the. You know, the Switch’s touch screen as well. So we can see it’s now playing it out in rows of six. And we can see at least there are three rows at a time.

And if you scroll down it’ll show you the more. So yeah. This is actually this is super handy. Like I kind wish I could have the default screen be that.

I mean this isn’t bad. I do like the colorful art. But really when you get down to it, this is a much more useful screen. It’s actually reminiscent of the Wii or WiiU’s screen or operating system. So yeah there you guys go.

In case you guys were wondering that is exactly what happens. And yeah. Hopefully you liked this feature. You know an, actual proper function. In the future , you can make this a permanent home screen instead. Anyways guys, thanks for watching.

Of course, stay tuned to GameXplain for more on the Nintendo Switch including a new video tomorrow that kinda relates to this. It’s not quite, but this will be featured in among other things as well. So catch you guys later, bye.

Author: Pearl Andrews