Gambling Questions and Answers

Am I breaking UK law if I gamble on the Internet?

There is nothing in current legislation which makes it illegal, or seeks to prevent, British residents gambling on the Internet in their own homes.

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is an Internet site where you can play one or more casino type games, such as blackjack, for real money. While some will let you play for free, the real reason to play is the same as visiting land based casinos – To win money.

There are mainly three kinds of casinos
The first kind is those that require you to download a program for free. These online casinos are usually the most fun to play, but you will have the program on your hard drive. This means that you have to wait for the application to download from the Internet and then install it on your computer,this can take up to 20 minutes,often a lot less. Once installed, these programs offer great graphics, sound and animation.
The second type is a casino that uses JAVA instead of a downloaded program. These JAVA applets run through your web browser. Some of these online casinos offer sound and animation, and all of them offer some very good graphics.
The third kind of online casino uses all HTML and do not require any download time. Although these Casinos do not offer the sound and animation of the other online casinos, they do have great graphics and fast game play.

How Do I Start Playing?

Look around at a number of casinos before making any decisions. Especially look at the deposit requirements, minimum bets etc. There is quite a variety of Internet Casinos out there. Many will let you visit for free and even place some bets without signing up (You won’t win any money, but you can play for free).
Once you pick an online casino that you like, you will be asked to sign up. Usually this will mean filling out an online form. Many will not even require that you give your name and address. You will end up with an account number and a password. (Remember, if you only have an account number and password on file with them, and you forget them, you have lost your money)

Is gambling on the Internet legal?

Every region throughout the world has different laws, and they change from time to time, so we can’t really answer that question. To be sure, you should contact your local legal representatives to answer any of your questions.

How Safe Are Internet Casinos and Sportsbooks?

So far there have been almost no problems with casino payouts and deposit security, but that is not to say there will never be. Many of the jurisdictions require that the licensee posts bonds of cash or insurance as part of the license requirements.
As an example, the groups licensed in Curacao have to post an amount of money equal to the average win in a special account in order to guarantee that they can pay winners. To even get a license, those who apply have to go through some extensive government checks.
Your personal security (including credit card details and other personal information) is also guaranteed under license agreements in many, if not all, jurisdictions. Most casinos and sportsbooks use secure servers to conduct all of their transactions, and all information about you is held offline. Many also take out insurance against fraud.

Author: Pearl Andrews