Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror – Slot Review

Hey slots fans, and welcome to our review of Mirror Mirror – another addition to NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends series. Released in July 2018, we’ll take you through some of the game’s most prominent features, such as Mirror Re-Spins, the Random Fairy surprises and Mirror Mirror’s own pick and click round. The RTP for this slot stands at 96.48%, and it utilises the 243 ways to win payout mechanic – which is a first for a Fairytale Legends creation.

That means, rather than looking for traditional betlines, you’ll want to see the same symbol appear on the first three reels, in most cases, for a winning round to form. Moving onto the game’s special features, we see the Mirror Re-Spin in action. It’ll trigger whenever a Mirror symbol appears on the third reel in the main game, randomly choosing either the Princess or Queen icon. The reels will then resume rotation, and this will last until no additional matching symbol lands. Although you’re not guaranteed a big win, if the symbols appear nicely for you as they’ve done for us here – it’ll likely result in a nice boost.

As you continue to play, you may be treated to one of the three random Mirror Mirror features that can occur during the main round. In this case, the princess turns down the lights to reveal the Fairy Surprise, where one medium symbol is randomly selected from the reels. The fairy will then cast spells to turn a handful of others into the same icon – and in this case, it turned out pretty good!

Another random occurrence is the Fairy Magic feature. The reels will begin to spin just a second too long before the fairy appears again on screen, and this time she’ll conjure her own set of symbols onto the board. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out so well for us – but the fairy’s not done just yet!

She’ll grace us with her presence one final time for the Fairy Mirror feature, which plants a Mirror symbol on the third reel for us. Cue another Mirror Re-Spin, this time with the princess symbol, and it’s safe to say this worked wonders for us here. Yet those random features are merely the introduction… After a few spins, you’ll also see golden boxes on the first, third and fifth reels.

When one lands on all three during the same spin, you’ll be given the chance to select a bonus from within. This can be a coin win, access to the 10 free spins round, or Mirror Mirror’s mining bonus. We managed to pluck the latter, seeing us transported into a mysterious cave full of potential. As we’re intrusted on screen, you simply need to select a crystal from the wall for it to be dislodged into our waiting arms. Each crystal is worth an unknown coin win, while the strength or your pickaxe also varies.

We were delighted with six crystals overall, but how many you collect in total depends on each round. As we don’t want to ruin the entire journey, we’ll leave you to explore the other two bonus features in your own time.

Author: Pearl Andrews