Detective’s gamble

It was a day like any other except that it wasn’t. Never thought that or not depressive day like this, I would come to my greatest success. It took me a long time to get here, to this moment. I know that behind this door, somewhere inside lurks the biggest criminal that ever walked this small country. The murderer did the innocent masses know as the Blood John.

But his days of killing are coming to an end. You saw that guy before? That was his cousin on his mother side, or whatever. Anyway. After an anonymous phone call I got to his lead. Everything after that was a piece of cake, a little of extortion, a little threats and he was mine.

I know what you think. But sometimes you have to bend the law in order to get the bad guys. Good day. The moment I saw him there was something suspicious about him. the long coat and all really, hope he’s not a salesman.

– I’m not a salesman if that’s what you think. Good, you had me frightened there. So who are you? I’ll play with him first, to see if he reveals himself up. I’m investigating a murder. Actually a series of murders that you have already heard of.

Murder? There hasn’t been a murder around here for 20 years. You must be mistaken, detective. Well there were reports of them on every TV channel and newspaper. You must have heard of them.

What were these killings called, or what was the murderer called? Damn it! I made a mistake, a rookie one too. First mistake, I haven’t told him yet there is only one killer or many, but he implied there is only one. I’ll throw him another mine to see if he steps on it.

The murders are called the killing of the Blood John. Does that sound familiar to you? Maybe. Do tell me, detective.

How did you get in here? As far as I remember all the doors are locked. – I see where this is going. The garage was open.

And you just invited yourself in? As far as I know you need a court order to do that. And I doubt you have on, detective. If it would be any other day, I would be surprised, but I’m not.

He who is guilty is always trying to protect himself on a legal side. Well you are correct, you can order me to get out but later on I will return with a group of very serious people who will search every corner of this house. Yes, you don’t want that do you?

Maybe. So how can I help you? Well I’m investigating a series of murders.

– You already said that, detective. Well, the murders are already investigated, all I’m looking for now is the killer. So you’re going door-to-door asking people if they know anything about it? No, no, no, I just came to see you. I already told you, I don’t know anything about these murders. I think you do.

Where were you two weeks ago, on friday night? Friday? Two weeks ago? Amateur hour, still an efficient tactic though.

That was the night I strangled that bitch. Friday. Didn’t do much that day, in the evening I went to the cinema though. In the cinema. Do you perhaps still have the ticket? No, I threw that away the moment I stepped out of the hall.

And what movie did you go and see? True detective. True detective? Are you trying to say something? Just the title of the movie, detective.

So, any other questions? Well, did you go somewhere else after that? Not really, went straight home and straight to bed.

I see, I see, just a moment, please. True detective isn’t a movie, but a TV series. You were expecting that, weren’t you? Well, I wasn’t.

But I was.

Author: Pearl Andrews